Ahh London

Back in my old stomping ground, London. How I love this place! There is an energy and heart in this city I forgot how much I missed.Jamie Lee Wilson London

Summer in London is beautiful and such a transformation from the cold and grey UK winter. A pleasure to stroll down the cobble stone streets again xx

Euro Trip!

Record high temperatures melted faces in California this week. The air is warm and smells different, its a seasonal shift you can feel, Summer has well and truly arrived!

I can’t wait to spend the start of the season in Europe! I’ll be in London, Paris, Switzerland and Holland over July. Hit up my management for sessions: ryan@CatalystManagement.us

J xx

New signing!

Great news! My next single will be coming out on Enormous Tunes…stay tuned for details!

Jamie Lee Wilson - Vasco Nunes

Thanks to everyone who came down to State Social House last week! So much fun! Since then, I’ve basically been sick in bed 🙂 I managed to make it out of the house to the awesome vegan restaurant Crossroads on Melrose. Cannot say enough great things about this place! Followed by breakfast at Moby’s Vegan establishment in Silver Lake, Little Pine, loved it too! With food like that, why would you ever eat animal products again?!
Bye bye for now…

J xx